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Young-Plains-Native-American-IndianFrom zebradetox.com – Now this is something fascinating to know! For those of you who think you have to look fashionable: then this article of learning a super cool new human power is not for you. If you’re anything like me and think long hair is awesome and super, then read on! I don’t know about some of you guys or gals out there that enjoy keeping up with the new styles of our generation. You know, the emo looks, the short hair or shaved look on both sexes, etc. (*cough* Willow Smith) Well, you guys are missing out on the best thing ever about having long hair: the senses. I said it! The senses. You know, “feed the senses!” Lend me your eyes for a moment my dear reader and get ready for some mind-twisting knowledge about hair! We all know that the Native Americans typically had long hair. Why? Because they are savages! No, that is not why. According to an article on Sott.net, they kept their hair long (especially the warriors and hunters) for the ability to have keener senses. They said they could “sense” more movement in the forest and around them. So, our lovely scientists devised an experiment back in the days of the Vietnam War and hippies (who already had the right idea) to test how Native Americans would fair in war as stealthy assassins and killers. Well, they recruited the best ones from all around and sent them into the military. We all know how they like their boys to look… crew cuts! Seeing as how this is our custom, the Native American recruits got their lovely long locks mowed off. Read more…


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