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Diana May-Waldman, WWH- Marie Hanson is not a disoriented hippie. She doesn’t take drugs or drink. Neighbors offered her the opportunity to attend what she thought was a peace rally and went with it. But, now Marie is missing and her family wants answers. Marie attended a seven day Rainbow Gathering in Washington State. The healing gathering was scheduled for July 1 -7, 2011.

Family member, Nancy Enterlind said she didn’t think Marie realized how large the event would be.

“These were neighbors and friends of hers, that she saw on a daily basis and she really wanted to go, but I am not sure she understood the magnitude of it all.”

Marie, 54, a loving wife, mother, and grandmother from South Lake Tahoe packed her bags and headed to Skookum Meadow in Skamania County, Washington. Marie’s neighbor, Mellow planned to attend the Rainbow Family of Living Light’s annual

Alan Peck Mellow

gathering. His girlfriend Cathy, was scheduled to join him when she returned from a funeral, so he offered the extra seat in his car to Marie.

Marie called her husband, Billy as they approached the gathering and said she would see him upon her return home on July 10.

It has been reported that Marie arrived at the Gathering on July 2 with Mellow and camped near the Lovin’ Oven. They are said to have moved their camp to the rear gate on July 5. They were joined by Mellow’s girlfriend Cathy on July 6.

The last reported sighting of Marie was allegedly on the morning of July 7, near the rear gate. Marie’s campsite was near the back gate: 1220 past the 150 gate, head up past Kid Village Rd., about a block or so on the right hand side. Anyone from Jesus Camp, Kidde Camp or Lovin’ Oven who may have seen Marie or spoken to her please come forward with any information that you may have. She never returned to the camp and didn’t come back for her belongings, which included her camp gear, purse and medication. Marie’s backpack contained a doll and a trinket for her grandchidren that she apparently acquired during the gathering.

“We found the person that she got the doll from and learned she traded a bracelet for it,” said Nancy.

Mellow said he searched for Marie and showed her identification to people at the gathering. Mellow and Cathy remained at the site until July 10, before returning home.

Marie’s family is asking anyone who might have seen Marie, Mellow or Cathy at any time during the gathering to come forward with dates, times and specifics about locations and people who were seen with Marie. The family is looking for people who were still at the Rainbow Gathering on July 7 or 8. If any gatherers were near the back gate, Lovin Ovens or near any parked cars, particularly a white Saturn near the back gate in the early hours of July 8th through noon on that same day, please call (530)-307-0280.

The Skamania County Sheriff’s office conducted a Search and Rescue effort that consisted of about a dozen people and two specially trained dogs to search the area near Skookum Meadow where Marie Hanson was last seen. Despite an extensive search of that area, the nearby river and latrine area, no new evidence was found.

The family has met with frustration from the mainstream public who is assuming that Marie is a “Hippie” that just wandered off the “Rainbow Trail” and doesn’t want to be found. They insist this isn’t the case.

Witnesses have said that Marie was seen on July 3, walking down the road toward the gathering, and then again on July 4th, during the evening dinner circle, when she was sitting next to a man some identified as “Owl”. Owl” is reported as being tall, with long grey hair in a pony tail and was last seen wearing a Harley bandana on his head.

It has been reported that on July 6, she was seen climbing into a pickup truck to take a ride down to a lower parking area or the bus village, then that evening many saw her back up at the Gathering at the dinner circle.

That night her neighbor Cathy joined her boyfriend, Mellow and there is some

Catherine Ward

confusion about whether Marie came back to camp that night. The next morning, the neighbors said Marie may have been walking down a trail toward the latrines.

Nancy said they have learned that Marie had been ill for a few days.

“She was sick to her stomach and basically staying at the camp. Mellow and others were taking care of her and bringing her food. It’s a possibility that she got up to use the latrines early in the morning and never came back.”

Mellow called Marie’s, husband Billy on the evening of July 9th, and stated that he had not seen her for days. The family then called the Skamania County Sheriff and reported her missing.

Marie was last seen wearing a pink and white tank top, cut off shorts and black and white tennis shoes.

Medical Condition: Back Injury / surgical scar
Age 54
Hair Color Brown w/ Blonde streaks
Eye Color Brown
Weight 125 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: Large scar up spine on back from surgery
Jewelry: Silver Necklace w/silver cross, silver rings on almost all fingers.

Home: South Lake Tahoe California

Contact: Son Michael – (619)818-5292

Daughter Tawny (530)307-8156 or (530)307-0280

Skamania County Sheriff Detective Tim Garitty – (509) 427-9490 case # 11-05271

South Lake Tahoe Police Detective Jeff Roberson-530-542-6134 case #1107-1214

A secure paypal link is also available on the site. Please consider making a donation to help the family find Marie.



Private detective donations can be sent to: Marie Hanson Search Fund c/o El Dorado Savings Bank PO Box 14545, S.L.Tahoe CA 96151 or use PayPal. Thank You!

Diana May-Waldman- Bureau Editor for Worldwide Hippies in Rochester NY. Diana is the author of A Woman’s Song. Her poetry in this book deals with the struggles facing all women and the many facets of being a woman in the world today. She is a strong women’s and children’s advocate. A true example of the Hippie movements continuing growth and sprit. Diana’s activism is an inspiration to many. http://www.facebook.com/profile


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