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Girls with the saggin’ tattoos
By Dana Moran, RedEye – I saw a really fantastic tattoo a couple of weeks ago at my favorite ultra-hipstery bar (no, I’m not telling you which one; it’s too popular already). The female bartender serving my group had a huuuuumongous octopus snaking across her shoulder and down one arm. It might’ve been helping her pour beers, the thing was that big. And it looked badass.
Confession: Even though I’m terrified of needles, I have a lot of tattoo envy. And since the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention is in Rosemont this weekend, I’m sure I’ll see plenty of them strutting around town.
An intricate sleeve instantly heightens a normal dude to potential sex-god status, and women with a big, bold design automatically become more mysterious. It’s kind of like smoking cigarettes—on the right person, a tattoo just looks [bleeping] cool. More…

The Village Voice is not for sale. But somebody needs to save it
BY TOM MCGEVERAN,capitalnewyork.com – The Village Voice is not for sale. But somebody needs to save it, and that means somebody needs to find a way to buy it.

It needs to be saved from its disastrous involvement in the adult-services advertising business. Perhaps more importantly, it needs to be saved from the “alternative press” culture at its Phoenix-based parent company, a culture that in a vacuum is noble and out in the world is broadly successful and even journalistically sound, but which doesn’t work for the city or for the Voice.

The Voice has always been a problem child for its owner, Village Voice Media, which acquired the paper and several others it owned and operated back in 2005. It’s the marquee title in the company’s stable of newspapers—the buyers, New Times Media, even changed their name to emphasize the Voice brand. More…

‘The Three Stooges’: 5 other movies bringing back popular stories
By Molly Driscoll,csmonitor – “The Three Stooges” comes to theaters this Friday with lots of pratfalls, and it’s not the only movie that’s bringing back beloved characters and stories after long absences (for pop culture, anyway). Whether you’re a baby-boomer who never missed “Dark Shadows” on TV to a Gen Y-er who watched “Men in Black” over and over, this coming year will see the return of many much-missed stories.
1. ‘Dark Shadows’

The original soap opera, starring actor Jonathan Frid as vampire Barnabas Collins, ran from 1966 to 1971 and was a daytime staple for kids who ran home from school to watch the next installment. The TV series was resurrected briefly in 1991, with “Star Trek” actor Ben Cross as the vampire and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt as David Collins. This time, Barnabas and his family are coming to the big screen in a feature film directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp as the vampire suddenly transplanted to present day. If the trailer is anything to go by, the film version will be an affectionate send-up of the TV show. It’s scheduled for release May 11. More…


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