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Big Story: Occupy actions on May Day
May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is a holiday in 75 countries, except for the country where people may work the hardest of all.
Occupy though has a notion to take the day for its Spring Reawakening. Its General’s Strike Facebook page sums up the mission: “NO WORK – NO SCHOOL – NO SHOPPING – NO BANKING – NO TRADING. THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANETS WILL TAKE TO THE STREETS.”
Whether you’re for, against, or neutral on Occupy, the disruptions will affect business as usual—and that includes traffic. Nearly 60 general assembles have “answered the call” to observe May Day.
The Occupy demands: A group as large as the 99% is bound to have a lot of demands. The strike ostensibly is to show the 1% that the 99% matter. The demands range from supporting immigrants and labor (preserving bargaining rights, for instance) and a living wage (protesting outsourcing). Outrage still drives the movement, and its list of injustices include college debt, unaffordable health care, bullying, insufficient minimum wage, job sexism, homelessness, foreclosures, and war.
Some of the planned May Day events: More…

Wrongly convicted Colorado man set free after 16 years
GRAND JUNCTION, Co. (Reuters) – A Colorado man wrongly convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of a woman found strangled with a dog leash was exonerated on the basis of new DNA evidence and set free on Monday after spending more than 16 years behind bars.
Robert “Rider” Dewey walked out of a courthouse in Grand Junction, Colorado, a free man after a judge found him innocent of the 1994 killing and said his exoneration marked a “historic day” for the state.
“Mr. Dewey spent 6,219 days of his life incarcerated for a crime he did not do,” Mesa County District Judge Brian Flynn said during the brief hearing. “This is a reminder to the entire system that it’s not perfect.”
Flynn said prosecutors had not committed misconduct, Dewey had been represented by good defense attorneys, and an impartial jury had heard the case but added: “Despite all these things, the system didn’t work.” More…

Number of US newborns with drug withdrawal triples
CHICAGO (AP) — Less than a month old, Savannah Dannelley scrunches her tiny face into a scowl as a nurse gently squirts a dose of methadone into her mouth.
The infant is going through drug withdrawal and is being treated with the same narcotic prescribed for her mother to fight addiction to powerful prescription painkillers.
Disturbing new research says the number of U.S. babies born with signs of opiate drug withdrawal has tripled in a decade because of a surge in pregnant women’s use of legal and illegal narcotics, including Vicodin, OxyContin and heroin, researchers say. It is the first national study of the problem.
The number of newborns with withdrawal symptoms increased from a little more than 1 per 1,000 babies sent home from the hospital in 2000 to more than 3 per 1,000 in 2009, the study found. More than 13,000 U.S. infants were affected in 2009, the researchers estimated. More…


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