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The ‘Occupy’ movement lives By Gina Glantz, washingtonpost.com – The hashtag#occupywallstreet inspired the most basic of organizing strategies: sit-ins. OWS sit-ins became encampments, many of which are now being dismantled by law enforcement and debilitated by weather. As the movement is increasingly out of the sight of pundits and the popular media, and criticized as leaderless and lacking a clear purpose, it has become fashionable to talk about OWS as inevitably failing. This is a mistake. Encampment “occupiers” come and go; hashtag followers live on in cyberspace, where OWS is spawning leaders and developing goals, just not in the way that most people are accustomed to.

Consider: ●The Occupy Wiki Research Group, of which I am a member, has a robust online dialogue among college professors, organizing practitioners and activists. Weekly phone calls refine their efforts.

●Occupytogether.org was started by two designers who couldn’t get to New York so tried to track, on their own, activities around the country. Overwhelmed by the volume, they recently incorporated MeetUp.com into their site.

●Maps depicting FourSquare locations using the Occupy Wall Street hashtag show thousands of check-ins across the country.

●Students at Boulder Digital Works at the University of Colorado built Occupationalist.org, which describes itself as “an impartial and real-time view of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Covering history as it unfolds. No filters. No delays.”
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In New Haven, an Occupy Encampment Stays Alive and Keeps Inequality on the Agenda

Huffington Post – ‎Dec 30, 2011‎
Even as most of the Occupy movement’s tent cities have been flattened and ravaged across the country, in New Haven, Conn., where poverty and unemployment rates far exceed the national average, occupiers are standing firm in a sizable and tenacious 

Occupy Miami holds its ground, but some Occupiers are part-timers

MiamiHerald.com – ‎Dec 29, 2011‎
Several dozen Occupy Miami protesters remain in their space behind County Hall, a collection of activists and homeless people. Some have given up full-time participation in the movement. Freddy Diaz, who ended up homeless after moving to South Florida, 

Five ways to re-Occupy in 2012

Politico – ‎Dec 29, 2011‎
The Occupy Wall Street movement is at a crossroads. Since the protesters in Zuccotti Park who made headlines around the world were ousted from their New York City encampment in November, and other demonstrators were sent packing in cities across the ..

The Year Dissent Came Back

truthout – ‎20 hours ago‎
A group of Occupy Wall Street protesters evicted from Zuccotti Park reconvene in Foley Square at dawn, in New York, November 15, 2011. (Photo: Marcus Yam / The New York Times) The title is wrong, of course. Dissent never really goes away. ..

A Look Ahead: A nation roused, Occupy movement has work to do

GazetteNET – ‎Dec 30, 2011‎
By LAURIE LOISEL AP PHOTO Occupy Wall street protesters were arrested in October as they attempted to walk over the Brooklyn bridge from Manhattan. AP Photo Occupy demonstrations, like this one in Lower Manhattan in October, spread to Hampshire County ..


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