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By Sherry Pasquarello,WWH (Pittsburgh in the 60s) – Yes, I realize that the Iowa caucuses aren’t the end all and be all of the nominating process but damn, SANTORUM? He only lost by 8 votes????

By now, anyone that reads my articles or my blog or is on Facebook with me KNOWS how I feel about Santorum. He was my senator. He had a home right across the river from mine (you know, the little empty house that he claimed to be raising his large family in. The little EMPTY home that he used as an address to bill the Penn Hills school district for the home schooling bill for his kids.) now, I could have been fan. Seeing as we both have an Italian heritage and were both raised Catholic and come from the same area. I could have- if I had a lobotomy!

I’m a big fan of freedom. I know that Rick is an old pre-Vatican II style Catholic. I can tell that by his stance on issues like birth control and sex in a marriage. Funny, but he is younger than I am and Vatican II was ushered in when I was in 8th grade attending a Catholic school in 1965. But if he believes that sex is only for procreation, fine. I support his right to believe that and practice it. I haven’t any qualms about his faith or Romney’s or anyone else’s. Everyone has the RIGHT to believe or NOT as they see fit. I do have a very BIG problem when people running for office want to MAKE laws to , if not force others to convert to their own faith, at the very least make others adhere to the tenants of that faith by making those ideals into secular laws. I can accept the blabberings of a candidate just trying to win, easier than I can a fanatic. Blabbering candidates can be reasoned with. True believers can not . Now, bear with me if you are a fundamentalist Christian. Think on this. Even if you believe in Jesus as your Lord and savior that doesn’t mean that everyone who believes it as you do will see eye to eye with how YOUR daily life should be lived- or RUN in the case of a man like Santorum. Or, anyone else that claims the mantle of a CHRISTIAN faith. Keep in mind that there have been many, many wars fought between the differing sects of Christianity as well as those fought between Christianity and other religions. Look around you. They are going on right now. The only thing that keeps a lot of the animosity down to some loud quarreling, in our country, are secular laws. They keep us all safe. Don’t think that your particular way of living your faith would be the one to win the popular vote. You might be very surprised and by then, it will be too late. The separation of church and state keeps you and your faith safe from any political party or candidate that might try to change the laws to inhibit or outlaw the way you see fit to practice your religion.

That’s why the “ WTF Iowa”, geeeezzz, they said that they liked the fact that Santorum spent a lot of his time and energy on Iowa! Well, what else did he have to do- grow PEACHES on the old homestead? Go google up pictures of his house in Penn Hills. It’s a small suburb of Pittsburgh- not a peach tree in his front yard!

Are the people in Iowa that starved for attention that they’d vote for someone just because he ate at a diner or knocked on a door? I have to admit. It worked here in western Pa. till we got to know him and kicked him to the curb! I hope other states catch on faster.

Oh, I’ve probably pissed Rick off with this-and he has thin skin but this IS still America. I still have freedom. For now! Though in Rick’s idea of America that will depend on which state I was residing in. A lot would depend on which state I was in-until there were enough states to force a very particular faith based life on all of us. THEN you will see the fighting begin and it will be Christian against Christian sweet hippies. Don’t think it can’t happen here. That denial is one of the biggest ways fanatics change whole governments. Look to the Middle East and compare. Just change the names of the religions. Look at India, Pakistan…

Me? I care about my country, OUR country. I don’t care what one believes or how they choose to live as long as they keep within the law. Don’t let ANYONE change that even if they claim to follow the same faith as you. Odds are, when you examine their beliefs closely you’ll find that they really don’t.

Rock on sweet hippies. We’ve got a long road ahead.

Sherry Pasquarello is an eclectic little woman who has been published in the Individualist Newsletter, Black Roses, online at the Amateur Poetry Journal and the Alchemy lit. mag, and elsewhere. Sherry is a member of the international PK poetry kit list workshop and has been included in many of their projects. For more about Sherry check out her blog After the Bridge.


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WTF Iowa ??? — 7 Comments

  1. Sherry, once again you speak for me and you do it so wonderfully. I am also Italian and raised very Catholic, though like you, I do not claim to follow any religion. Just to say I was open-minded, I forced myself to watch the New Hampshire debates. I was appalled that Santorum had gained so much ground in Iowa, and more appalled when I listened to him at the debate. He is downright scary! They all are. The least scary is Huntsman, the poorest of the bunch worth a mere $70 million. But Rick takes the cake… or rather the wafer. Hopefully people will read and re-read your article, print it out, pass it around and persuade those who wish to practice a different faith in peace, to keep our country secular and definitely separate from ANY god! Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for the informative post Sherry. I live in Iowa, and don’t give a damn about all of the hoopla that surrounds the caucuses, while i do care about who will be the next President.

    I knew Santorum was a radical, in fact there is that website dedicated to him which plays off of some comment he made in reference to homosexuals, and the reference is how i feel about him LOL

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  4. “…make others adhere to the tenants of that faith…”

    Eggcorn of the day award: Is that faith occupied? Is rent being paid? It’s “tenets”, not “tenants”.

    More Christians have been killed for religious reasons by other Christians than by all non-Christians combined.

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