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Occupy take out!

NYC fast food strike: McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King workers protest

The way to a Revolution is through the Stomach! Could a new resurgence of unions be coming with fries?  

A NYC fast food strike is taking place Wednesday that impacts service at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Papa Johns, and Domino’s for one whole day. Workers are protesting low wages, very few hours, and unstable job security in a bad economy, according to Inquisitr Wednesday.

“They’re not paying us enough to survive,” said McDonald’s employee, Raymond Lopez. “This company has enough money to pay us a reasonable amount for all that we do … they’re just not going to give it to us as long as they can get away with it.”

Lopez claims he must endure “verbal abuse” and must work off the clock “all of the time.”

Employees participating in the NYC fast food strike want wages to increase from the minimum amount to $15 an hour. Shift managers like Lopez make only $8.75 an hour. More…

OK, I have the white phosphorus ready. And I will take all their funding away for food. We’ll show those rag heads what baby killing really looks like. Yea, and blame their parents…


Huge blow to Apartheid and Egos!

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations has voted overwhelmingly to recognize a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians still face enormous limitations: They don’t control their borders, airspace or trade, they have separate and competing governments in Gaza and the West Bank, and they have no unified army or police.

In an extraordinary lineup of international support, more than two-thirds of the world body’s 193 member states approved the resolution upgrading the Palestinians’ status from an observer to a nonmember observer state on Thursday. It passed 138-9, with 41 abstentions.

The vote was a victory decades in the making for the Palestinians after years of occupation and war. It was a sharp rebuke for Israel and the United States.

The vote grants Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas an overwhelming international endorsement for his key position: establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, the territories captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war. More…

Today is Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day

$100,000 for Fat Cat White Corporate Pigs. Green bologna for them.


Ha… If you think Palestine statehood was a tough sell. Try taking all the graft, corruption, bribery and innocent people out of the Corporate Prison system! And do you really want all those “Black Folk” free?

NEW YORK (AP) — For humanitarian and economic reasons, the federal Bureau of Prisons should grant more early releases to incapacitated and terminally ill prisoners, two advocacy groups say in a report depicting current policies as sometimes “cruel as well as senseless.”

The report, issued Friday by Human Rights Watch and Families Against Mandatory Minimums, says the Bureau of Prisons oversees more than 218,000 inmates, yet has recommended an average of only two dozen compassionate releases a year since 1992.

Human Rights Watch senior adviser Jamie Fellner, a co-author of the report, said Congress in 1984 granted federal courts the authority to reduce sentences under “extraordinary and compelling” circumstances. However, the report says federal prisoners can’t seek such a sentence reduction from the courts on their own; only the BOP has the authority to file a motion requesting judicial consideration of early release. More…

It’s not revenge Georgie… But justice! But hey, Barbie will be right behind ya!

Former Pres. (Bloody)  George H.W. Bush hospitalized

Hey George! You’re going to have a lot of explaining to do, one the other side.

And you just won’t be able to lie your way out of hell, if there is a hell.

For now “Justice” would be a long, slow, painful and unrelenting torturous slide into the abyss. Have a nice day!

HOUSTON, Nov. 29 (UPI) — Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush has been in a Houston hospital for a week, being treated for a persistent cough, his office said Thursday.

The 88-year-old former president’s chief of staff, Jean Becker, said the condition was not considered life-threatening, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Concerns that the cough would develop into pneumonia have eased and Bush was expected to be discharged this weekend, she said.

“President Bush is in the hospital,” Becker said. “We have kept this quiet out of respect for him.” More…

Turkish men getting mustache implants

What next? Arm pit perms?

ISTANBUL, Turkey, Nov. 29 (UPI) — A Turkish plastic surgeon says he’s keeping busy performing mustache implants on men wanting to project virility, wisdom and maturity.

Dr. Selahattin Tulunay told CNN he’s doing 50 to 60 of the procedures each month, using a technique called follicular unit extraction in which clumps of hair are transplanted from other parts of the body under local anesthetic. Most of his patients are medical tourists from the Middle East between the ages of 30 and 50 who pay about $7,000 each, the U.S. broadcaster reported Thursday.

“For some men who look young and junior, they think [a mustache] is a must to look senior … more professional and wise,” he said. “They think it is prestigious.” More…

Guess what I’m thinking?

What are they thinking? Our bodies, not faces, reveal the truth about how we feel

Don’t you give me that look. This shit is serious news reporting. Ask CNN.

If you find it hard to read someone’s emotions, the problem may be that you are staring them in the face.
Research suggests that it is a person’s body that gives away what they are thinking, not their expression.
When men and women were given photos of individuals and asked to judge the emotion shown, they did badly when just given head and shoulders shots. With images of the whole person, they did much better. More…

Who should help penniless Americans?

That’s easy. The ones with all the f$cking pennies. Next question…

I work on one of the most power-filled, money-lined streets in the United States. Every day I’m sure I walk past power brokers, millionaires and “important people”. I’m assuming I do, but they don’t wear signs. Most of them have pretty nice clothes, so I take that as a kind of a clue. I also walk past an array of the saddest scenes, people who portray the absolute depth of human hopelessness.

I just came back from getting my overpriced coffee. I admit I don’t need to spend four dollars for caffeine and writing about this makes me realise that habit should probably stop and I should give more to charity. On my stroll, I noticed the two “occupy kids”, as I call them, were up and about. They are the two twenty-something white kids who have parked their un-showered but I imagine “revolutionary” souls in front of our building. They ask for cigarettes.

At the end of the block was an older white woman who had wrapped herself in a ball, her head covered by a stained and ripped overcoat. I had seen her drinking from a liquor bottle earlier in the day. I crossed the street against the light while most people stood and stared. I’ve never understood why people don’t cross if there isn’t any traffic. I think the social contract can survive a little rule-breaking now and then.

At the next corner hiding back against the doorway of a now closed store, stood an older black man who had the saddest eyes I’ve seen in a very long time. Twenty feet away an older white woman with holes in her shoes was dancing and singing. It wasn’t joy; it was a clear case of delusions and mental illness. In front of my overpriced coffee shop, sitting on the ground with his bare ankles exposed sat a young white man, his hair neatly trimmed. He held up a cardboard sign that read, “veteran, please help”. More…


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