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Age of Aquarius: What does that mean? | The Aging of Aquarius — 1 Comment

  1. The astrological ages such as the Age of Aquarius are highly contentious within the world of astrologers and even your given timeframe of arrival for the Age of Aquarius, 2062 to beyond the year 2525, is inaccurate as many astrologers claim much earlier timeframes as well. I am a long-term researcher into the astrological ages and I believe that the timing problem with the astrological ages has occurred because the ancient astronomer-astrologer, Hipparchus, who set up the system for calibrating the astrological ages, made a massive and fundamental mistake in his calculations.

    When the Scientific Revolution occurred some centuries ago, most of the claims of the ancient scientists were found to be incorrect due to the limitations the ancients had to work with. However, astrology lies outside of the scientific community, and this same process of vetting ancient research did not occur. Therefore, it is not until recent years, that the truth about the astrological ages has been revealed. Even this revelation remains unclear for the majority of contemporary astrologers as people, by their nature, are conservative. It takes effort to be progressive.

    For more details on the above, see “An Age Old Mistake That Still Haunts Astrologers” @ http://wp.me/pcGXY-bb

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