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Ban Black Friday — 5 Comments

  1. Another wonderful article! You can count on me to boycott Black Friday, but then that’s easy because I always do. I hate crowds! As far as moving your money, I have been screaming that until I am blue in the face, but am happy that in Seattle alone, in ONE MONTH, local credit unions have increased their accounts more than 30% and they haven’t stopped. That’s good news. And I couldn’t agree more with bringing food and coffee to the Occupiers and the police. I love your “come in peace, keep the peace. Beautiful article. Thanks.

  2. Right on target, as usual, Diana. Christmas sales, boosting corporate coffers, is not what will cure the middle class’s economic woes. Trickle down economics is back–ask the Republicans–Reaganomics, call it what you will…as they trickle down on us, we just have to wash it off. Instead of building jobs the corporations are sending our jobs overseas.

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