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  2. Hippie was something I had no choice over. It is something I am. I do live the Hippie lifestyle and commune with all my brothers and sisters. Indeed, I am a tree hugging, dirt worshiping,card reading, storytelling HIPPIE ! I still also have long hair , no car , and no TV. I’ve been at this all my life and as Phil said, in many ways, there is much less resistance being a Hippie today than it was 50 years ago. We ended the draft and fought for environmentalism. So if you’re Hippie…it’s OK to come out. Cause you know…WE LOVE YOU !

  3. Wow, another tour de force, brother. I keep hoping that the vision will spread and more people will join. I see hope in the Occupy movement that, as their predecessors, they will build momentum and bring about change. Check out the legend of the Rainbow Warriors. It also may give you hope.

  4. My new sign Hippie Values are Family Values. I was feeling rather down till I got to read this. A cop once told me after I had receiving a ticket ” Have a better day” I will today thanks to you.

  5. I distance myself from the word, not out of embarrasement, but out of respect for those who actually “were” hippies that we think of when we think of the 60’s.
    They themselves did not use the word, nor did they oike it being used to describe themselves. It started out being used by the media in a negative manner to describe those in that lifestyle during that time. It was not a good thing to be a hippie in the 60’s. It was a derogatory name and they didn’t appreciate being called “hippie.”
    The hippies of the 60’s referred to themselves as ‘flower children,’ or ‘aquarians’ but never ‘hippie.’

    In fact, during the summer of 69 ‘they’ held a parade through the streets of Haight and Ashbury and called it “death to hippie’ and carried a giant casket through the streets filled with flowers and eace symbols, all to signify the end of the ‘summer of love’ and the usage of the negative word ‘hippie.’

    So, in that light only I tend not to use the word, though I myself also like to use the phrase ‘hippie in spirit’ because I feel its more accurate.

    And, as you can see by my email name, I use it for my glass business as well, though I strongly believe that people today do not understand that the word is actually a negative and derogatory word, and those calling themselves ‘hippie’ today are probably the farthest from true, and real hippies from the 60’s.

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  8. Thank you all for your wonderful and heartening comments. You “get” me! I love the notion that hippie stands for our “better angels” and that we deserve the respect of the establishment for all we have done. I think we should not wait for their respect, but demand it… and the best way to do that is to be seen, heard, and vote. We must use those avenues open to us until there is a better way, so let’s all proudly hippie our way down the street with a brother or sister or two or five… to your nearest polling place and VOTE!! And let that freak flag of yours fly high!

  9. I’ve lost all my hair, but YES, I’m a proud hippie. Phil puts it all in perspective and no one should be ashamed of the label. Hippie stands f0r our “better angels” in promoting a better future for the whole planet. We must let our freak-flag fly as we did in days of old – only now we deserve the respect of the establishment for all we have contributed. I agree with Phil … more than ever it is important to vote and let our voices be heard loud and clear.

  10. man o man what a great piece!!! I’ve tried to put into words what you’ve done so eloquently, thanks for the inspiration! Keep on truckin!

  11. Well stated, Phil. It was a short decade, but it has had a major effect, as you noted, on our daily lives, and we need to continue to make such changes part of the mainstream. We can do it if we all do it together.

  12. Bravo for a very well written piece. I for one do not shy away from the word at all. I am constantly touting the mantras to the “younger” folks who weren’t there. Thankfully there seems to be a demographic among the 30 and under crowd that choses to embrace the “old” ideals. There may be hope for the world yet.

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