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Courting the People with Bullshit (Redux) — 3 Comments

  1. Of course its politics, politics everywhere. And yup Komen Foundation, will not recover..till we forget. And we will , or we will start buying all things pink again not realizing it says Komen proceeds

    Planned Parenthood is getting more donations however then it did when Komen funded it! Komen has stepped up their campaign for money for THE CURE too, while spotlighting minority women of color , or ‘considered impoverished ‘who have no money and need mammograms! Oh the irony the same week they pulled funding to Planned Parenthood and the very women they claimed needed help

    Have ya caught all the new Komen PSA’s for African American and Spanish Women all ages early Mornings , telling their Survivor Stories this week.if not check out Food Network, Hallmark channel, Life TV, and FHGN.

    Yes you nailed it Diana Politicians are in a contest and think we are dummies. They will say and do anything.Same thing happened and is still happening with HIV/AIDS, dont hear many complaining about it, the money does not get funded for a real cure for all folks with Aids, only a few.. mmhmm. yup..Great article

  2. Holy cow you NAILED this one. LOVE IT. Ralph has always said that politicians keep us running around in circles like cats chasing a mirror’s flash in a sunny room. Of course the flash isn’t anything tangible to catch but cats don’t know that.

    I have a proposition:

    I think that before politicians are sworn in, there should be a contract printed out with all of their campaign promises listed.

    If during their term they fail to give proper attention to following through with their promises, or have downright lied to the American people we should have the right as a nation to sue their asses for breach of contract.

    That should cut down on the bullshit. Big time.

    Thanks for giving me a much needed jolt with your thought provoking article Di.

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