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Death is Preferable to Life When Innocent at Obama’s Guantanamo — 1 Comment

  1. Joe invited me long ago to write for Citizen Journalist’s Exchange aka World
    Wide Hippies via Current.com who’s closing it’s doors this month. I’ve had to
    go back and scour 5 years of blogged news stories to save their original links
    so that my work as a citizen Journalist would not be rendered inaccessible. I
    was working nights throughout most of that time, and unable to actualy read
    all I blogged. But now that I’ve lived through all of Nobama’s treachery &
    duplicity since 2008…Now that I’ve seen him do a 180 degree about face on
    most of the positions he took as Senator, and during his campaign…I’ve since
    had a chance to delve deeper into this seeming contradicton to determine the
    cause. Before I proceed further I realy do reccommend you all subscribe to
    Real Econ TV, and BrassCheck TV.com websites. They will provide you with
    regular Emails every day giving you the inside track on hard core news you’ll
    never read in newspapers, listen to via radio, and never ever see via any TV.
    And even better. They have an entire library of links in their bibliography of
    categories on all topics involving Government corruption to open your eyes wide.

    Today, I read the synopsis in text of a Brass Check video & viewed it exposing
    Nobama as a Manchurian Candidate style infiltrater. At Columbia University,
    noone knew him except that Obama went by the name Barry Soetoro, and alius.
    All his educational records from Columbia University are sealed to protect this
    secret identity. The video started out with a question: Who is this guy called
    Barack Obama anyway ? Noone at Columbia came forward to say they knew him.
    His past is as shrouded in secrecy today as it was since 1983. Only the official
    cover story is the one foisted on us to conceal his true identity as a non American
    who had to conceal that to pass through the Senate on his way to the White House.
    Between the Brass Check video, and the U Tube video which our Current.com
    community member Rostradamus posted I was able to confirm a few things that
    would normaly alarm those who trust blindly. Point 1. The ” birthers ” are correct.
    A son named Barack Obama was born to the senior Obama, a black man, and his
    wife, a white woman in Kenya. Obama’s grandmother confirms this. The Hawaian
    birth certificate is a well contrived official forgery intended to cover up this fact.
    We have a poser occupying the oval office who Constitutionaly is ineligible to have
    been nominated & elected President, much less have briefly held the office as one
    of Illinois Senators. If you’d been following the scandalous former Illinois Governor
    who was charged with Bribe Receiving, Racketeering and selling public offices, then
    you know the Senate never seated the African American successor into Obama’s old
    seat as there was a mountain of evidence that the seat was obtained illegaly by official corruption. This leads one to surmise that what worked once was attempted yet again.

    When Kerry introduced this unknown Barack Obama to the Democratic National
    Party, noone knew he was as phony as a $3 bill. After nearly 2 terms of Hitler Bush
    Jr’s monstous aggressive foreign wars & terror campaign, we were all set up to long
    for change we could believe in to give us hope. What we got foisted on us instead was
    Nobama, whom I’m convinced was chosen by Bush Jr to be his proxy server. Nobama
    is a grifter whose scandles have been blacked out by the mass media to support him.
    No amount of slick talk can disguise his bad faith false moves since 2008 though. The
    USA’s problems have only been exacerbated with a monster like Nobama as the puppet
    of very sinister forces. Nobama is a shadow man chosen to front for a shadow Govern

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