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Energy and You, the World, the Environment — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent article, Marie. Informative and spot on. We here in WV are dealing with fracking, and I am very worried about what the future holds for our air, water, and environment.

  2. Dirty oil and gas is not about bringing civil society a better world with electricity, plastic goods, heat, etc. In 2046 there will be no more oil and gas because the industry, world-wide will exhaust the resource. Dirty oil and gas needs dirty oil and gas to feed its own industry and keep oil the number one commodity traded on the planet. The largest moving objects on Earth are seismic survey ships dragging streamers of cable deploying airbombs in the seas of the world to discover exactly where deep pockets of oil and gas into the Earth’s crust are from 5,000 to 30,000 feet into the Earth. Every whale and dolphin exists because of an innate echolocation biological system. Every seismic ship, every sonar ship and submarine are mass destroying marine life. Strandings are mass murders.

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