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  1. If there is God I hope he’s there on elections day. Because if Trump or Hilary become President we’ll need a higher power to send a bolt of lightning down and put them in their rightful place. Bernie Sanders needs to get more publicity. He needs to travel more as well. I don’t exactly want any of the current candidates becoming our president but Bernie really is our only hope between the 3 of them.

  2. Me too Sherry.. fellow political junkie , freak and enthusiast here..I almost too political history in College. Group Dynamics and Politics have always fascinated me, how people influence people I guess and groups.This has been one long gut wrenching, wanna hurl but cant Campaign. If they are keeping Trump out, yeah even though I dont want him in, but what does this say about the process at all. If The GOP is keeping Trump out well I really dont wanna be a Democrat either but I vote anyways, while we still have a illusion of freedom to choose, Peace N love, Great article TRUTH Peace N love

  3. Never in my life have I seen an election cycle get this crazy. Is the mainstream media trying to dumb us down? The NWO is creating confusion so that nobody really knows what’s really going on. A smokescreen, if you will. I, for one, ain’t buying it.

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