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  2. I totally agree. The media is largely in the hands of corporate entities and oligarchical secret societies that have no place in a ‘free and democratic’ world we are led to believe in.

    Ever since 9/11 the people have been robbed of any legitimate investigation and what we get are the usual whitewashed lies that spew out of the cauldron of mouths that serve their higher dark lord of corporate greed and world government.

    I stopped buying papers and relying on the media for news long ago. To me its just entertainment value with the usual suspects and heroes being portrayed like some cinderella fantasy. Quite simply there is no news, its just sensationalism and BS like you said. BS thats there to dumb us down and turn us into automatons with no opinion other than the ‘informed opinions’ given to us by Tavistock. Anyone who questions it is immediately labelled a ‘nutjob’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ which indicates that we no longer live in a free society, but rather an Orwellian nightmare where the sheep are told what to think and believe in.

    Corporate lies and greed is the bedrock of western democracy and what defines 21st century living where we would rather shoot the messenger than hear the truth, because like George Orwell stated so prophetically

    “In times or lies and deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. An act that is punishable by smear campaigns and even assassination. So much for democracy huh?.

  3. yep- poor and /or black went to war- or kids picked up for some petty petty crime- had a choice- jail and a record or the military. lots of kids went from the areas around and in pittsburgh back then.
    after watergate is when i first thought that the vocation of journalism and reporters was morphing into something unwholesome.

    great article.

  4. PS …oh yah,and when the Cashier asks, would you like to donate a dollar towards Hunger, its the person with FS digging through pockets for change to come up with a buck to give..do I sound bitter? Don’t mean to be it just IS!

    Peace N love

  5. Great article, Diana, allot to take in. You said Bullshit,lol, you called it. Nothing urks me more than a person peering down there nose at a Elderly person or young Mother, checking their balance on their EBT electronic card for FS, scrambling through there coupons ,to buy basics at the end of the month, then a person waiting to pay with their Discover , Captial One credit card..Yes it seems paying on credit for food is acceptable but not a person who paid into the System their entire lives just trying to eat!

    Much more I could say but you covered it Excellent!
    Peace N love

  6. Well done and very well said, Diana. I really do not like what I see has happened to this country, and that so many believe and repeat every detail they hear from their “news source”. You cannot convince them that they are being lied to. Again, good job.

  7. Great article, Diana. You put so well into words what so many of us are feeling and thinking. (Now I’ve got to watch another celebrity millionaire reality TV show….)

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