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My research and discovery of “Chemtrails” — 6 Comments

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  3. Do you mind if I share your HULU video on Face book and some Journals? Its the best Video I have seen on this subject! Thank you very much Peace

  4. Hi Russ,

    Interesting article! You really have researched this topic a long while.Thank you. I am sorry for your suffering and grateful for your hypersensitivity,though a pain to you at times and sorry about your girlfriend doubting you , the nose when it comes to environmental syndromes and illnesses really does KNOW

    I also am “hypersensitive” just let my nose lead the way, always pick up on odors long before others do, along with the metallic taste, burning sinuses,fuzzy headache and all. I have had on and off “flares ” of intense fatigue , headache, joint pain almost as bad as a flu which has knocked me out for up to a week.

    It i is definitely in the air, water and in some soils where vegetables are grown. I must say I do notice when I use to cook with any aluminum pans I got more ill and when around fumes and chemicals the worst.

    Couple weeks ago we had our local “Air Show” with weeks of practicing preceding..I was sick the entire time. My Dr had a increase of viral complaints , the same as mine all with her Fibromyalgia pts she said However for years Drs have said” Hmm sounds like Fibromyalgia!”

    Well I have a theory about Fibromyalgia and all “waste basket syndromes ” since every symptom you mention is found in autoimmune syndrome’s -It is simply a reaction to environment, a sensitivity to chemicals. Some people react sooner and fiercer then others because their immune systems are worn down.

    I think Fibromyalgia and a host of other mystery illness ,Pharmaceuticals and Drs are making a fortune on are a direct result from environmental chemicals, chem trails in soil and air and water. I think were stuck with this situation and most Drs know it.

    I have never been a person that goes along too easily with Conspiracy theories though, only because I dont feel these things are done with harmful a intent in mind. Its mass production and for monetary purposes..I think its a natural progression of progress , while destroying our Planet. I wish health to you.. Take lots of Vitamin C, D, Magnesium, Zinc and B’s it helps as well as filtered water ~

    Peace Blessings

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  6. Is there any research being done on removing aluminum from soil. Would a tarp covering ones backyard for a few years leave an aluminum free area to grow food? In other words what can we do to insure our children’s health and freedom besides remaining well armed?

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