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“Poor in America” – Can You Define It? — 1 Comment

  1. being poor in USA is in many ways the same anywhere. you do without, the dif is. ahh that you need is here. you . just can’t get it . or you have to go into debt to . get it, with exception to higher education. you can go to transfer school but really is not a real move up. I think the poor are better off here than India . many people just die there from the most insignificant reasons. but we are getting better at that. who cares if we have the most advanced medicine. if you can’t afford it. for example. my mother will not let us include debt for hospitalization she would rather die . and the republicans are ok with this for all of us poor. they richest country in the world and many people worry about basic needs. we certainly are the most hypocritical country. the atheist are right about one thing we should take one country under God out at all wording because there is nothing godlike about the way we treat the less fortunate in life. so many people work . like slaves and never get any where.

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