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Sueños Tropicales (Redux) — 5 Comments

  1. Time to write another book Phil. Met you at Rick’s. Bought your book and Hunter’s gone so I ask who will continue to write the other reality. You. Interesting article of my second country. Just back from Costa. Did you listen to the CD of Jimmie remixed I left for you?

    If you will write I can arrange an extended visit near Rick’s. Keep writing and lose the vertigo. That or get closer to the earth. Great to meet you and Tim.

  2. Claro que si, pura vida! Great article, Phil … brought back memories. Like you I decided to stay in one spot when I visited Costa Rica w/ some buddies several years ago. One of them eventually moved there. We stayed in the Manuel Antonio area. The national park there is amazing w/ prototypical beaches and woods that are half forest half jungle … happily with trails through them. Only bummer is it was six bucks every visit. But you make a day (or most of a day) of it. My friends left after a week and I stayed on alone for another 5 days. I would love to see Costa Rica again … and your article reminded me why. Next time I need to see more of the country. But like you say, it’s so tempting to stay put and not feel the need to do the tourist shuffle–especially when the place you’re at feels like paradise!

  3. Pura Vida In Deeda! Now, just how did you gravitate towards that…your perfect enlightening vacation? Take me next time! Great read Phil!

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