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Swinging in the Breeze — 3 Comments

  1. Yep, M, we take care of each other and when one of us falls, another stands up.

    Thanks, Dad. It’s pretty cool over here. You should “like” Worldwide Hippies on facebook.

  2. “… the hired thugs are doing the Owners’ dirty work in Congress instead of roaming the country side”: Ouch – that line packs a punch… It hurts because it’s true. This country is hemorrhaging money for its wars and the dirty secrets that go along with them – like bacha bazi. Oh yes, let’s take the milk from our babies’ mouths so we can pay more to defense contractors. Push is gonna come to shove literally in this country, and we each need to draw our line in the sand. People stood up to armed thugs in the past; I hope we have the courage to do so again. Reading and writing posts like this helps; we’ll need to bolster each others’ spirits as action becomes unavoidable.

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