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The Betrayal Of The White Ribbon — 1 Comment

  1. Pretty interesting stuff, Earland. I especially like the idea of having the leaders duke it out, instead of sending the soldiers to do it. It could be done Andy Jackson style, with paint ball pistols at 30 paces, and the cable companies could show it on pay per view…

    The movie description is a little hard to follow, since I haven’t seen the movie. Don’t do movies much. I think the last one I saw at a theater was “Return of the King”/Lord of the Rings Trilogy’s last in the series of three, and that was some while ago.

    Wanted to see “Book of Eli”, but it was playing in the next state over, closest place to where I am, about 80 miles away, and I’m limited travel-wise due to being on bicycle for transportation. Tried to talk a friend with a car into going to see it, but she said it had violence and profanity in it, and she’s not cool with either of those things. I have no TV, and haven’t had TV since it went digital, but I don’t miss it much, used to watch PBS allot for the news hour, however that was about the extent of it for me.

    Spend most of the entertainment time on the web now, or playing my old twelve string guitar that has been a constant sidekick for 32 years. I said in one of blogs at Myspace Music that the dollar has a “grievous misprint” on it, that “In God We Trust” was missing an “L”, and that it should say “In Gold We Trust”…

    Well, the government spooks didn’t like that, and advised me to take it down, but I just told them I would, then didn’t, and so far I’m still kicking. Not that I care to tempt fate to be unkind, just that it was what I felt at the time, and I have to stand up for what I believe.

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