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  1. Pirates used to steal gold and bury it where even themselves could not retrieve it. Maybe gold was too advantageous in technical ways to a destructive force that we don’t understand altogether and it saved us… what if modern piracy is a form of pollination : a proliferating engine of worthy projections or seedlings. Money will not even be here to administrate libraries and museums so moneyless preservation, propagation and irrigation of creative flow will be curried by varying sworthyness. I for one am considering gifting recklessly mixing silver bullets into the slag of creation. I might even put price tags on my stuff and leave it all over the place… park benches, on the streets with my phone number. Zero security costs/ maximum trust= what is really possible: LOVE. thank you for your work~ JF

    • Johnny: Thanks for the warm appreciation. I know, from many years in the content business, that the people most worried about protecting their copyrights tend to be those most concerned that that last creation might be their last creation, like they’ve made it to the lilly pad and would like to not have to repeat that struggle again. Just anoint me now. Thank Yew, very much. An abundant attitude might consider that there’s a lot more, and better, where ever that last one came from. From this perspective, copyright might qualify as the means by which we smother creativity in favor of what we already created. Don’t know, myself. david

  2. Is it time for me to dust off my piece on the history of copyright and why it’s fundamentally technologically impossible to enforce copyright on anything distributed digitally?

  3. What a refreshingly logical article, well written without resorting to epithets or emotionally charged buzz words. Yet the obvious deduction is that SOPA and PIPA will do more harm than good. There are plenty of laws already on the books to address copyright infringements, though as you pointed out, the costs of redress and the emotional turmoil involved may not be worth it. If SOPA and PIPA became law, we may as well give ownership of the English language to the corporations. Thank you for a great read!

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