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  1. I feel both of your pain, I really do…this story hits me where it hurts! I am an advocate of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response in the military. And you are right! Assault such as rape is a sore topic that no one wants to talk about. I just recently created an FB account and FB page to promote sexual assault awareness and I am having the hardest time promoting it. No one even click the “Like” button or click open all those links that I’m trying to promote and yet, people are so quick to response to stupid posting such as “I just got my nail done today!” But I am taking it one person at a time…if I can reach out to one a month, I know that at least I am making a difference. Your story really touch my heart and should continue to be told…

  2. “I want to touch her, but I am afraid. I can only touch her now with her permission. Rape takes away permission.”

    All of the crisis counseling and years of mental heath treatment in the world could never have given me what that one statement says. I am going to go cry real, bitter tears now and then I am going to come back, read this again and remember WHY we fight. TY for renewing my own strength.

  3. RAPE KITS cost $500 dollars and will reveal the DNA of the offender. This is a superb investment because it is my considered opinion that very few men rape and that it is those few (that are responsible for the majority of rapes committed) who can be quickly discerned by developing these rape kits for each of the assailants. I would go as far as to say you will be getting the same results several times for numerous assaults. It’s called serial rape for a reason. The info is sitting on shelves, as I understand waiting to be sponsored, while repeat offenders are getting away with RAPE.

    I believe that to catch a few, is to catch the majority, because most men are not rapists.

  4. My God. I don’t know where to begin. As a incest and sexual assault survivor as a young adult, EVERY word leaped off the page at me as all of my own memories came rushing back. I am sad. My compassion is BOUNDLESS for the women who are written about above. I have lived this experience and have had to live WITH it over the years. I’ve also had to live with the ignorance in how our society views or treats people who have been in this position. Most people think: Well it happened but it’s time to get “over it.” They have NO idea what they are talking about. What is the old adage? Never judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes? Or, in this case, don’t give unsolicited advice unless you know what they hell you’re talking about. I would like to believe that, as a culture, we are evolving more and more every day but, the truth is, until we change what is in our hearts for our fellow human being, and how we view their life experiences, most will remain in the dark. From the average person to the medical professionals who perform the rape kit, we MUST enlighten ourselves to what they reality truly is: The physical scars may heal but the emotional scars will remain forever from the trauma. We MUST have compassion and extend it to those who have been subjected to this violent form of control and humiliation by force. If we change what is in our hearts, collectively, we can change the world. Baby steps are OK. One step at a time. Let’s start HERE. There isn’t a choice but to move in this direction. Please: Will the rest of you who read this pledge with me for change?

  5. Rape is not something you can put a bandage on. The author stepped forward knocking down years of barriers to bring forth these two stories. These two women who share more than blood, they share a life altering experience. This mother has found the courage to look past what society would see and/or do, this mother has risen above her pain and shame to make a difference. She is there for her daughter. With every tear, with every gulp, with every breathe they walk this road of courage together. They make their way past the societal barriers to take a stand, to help others, to speak out. I’m sorry for any pain, ever caused to any woman or man through the physical violence of another. We can only pray for justice. Until that comes we can pray for the sustainability of this mother and her child. God bless them.

  6. This article is raw and to the point. It makes real to so many what the word “rape” is, how it affects women. You put it right out there with your heart and soul and everyone needs to read this so they can feel even a little tiny bit of what rape survivors and their families go through. Gut-wrenching and powerful writing that every man and woman needs to not only read, but tell others to read — medical personnel who deal with rape survivors, men who need to understand what a blight on society this is, members of the legislatue and courts…that this is not just a crime against women but against humanity and all of society. We are not animals. And men and women will never be equal until all understand how devastating this is…and how strong the women who have had to deal with it are. You have put the words out her that the reader can’t help but feel cutting deep into their souls. Hopefully this will make us all take notice and action to make the terrifying reality that is rape a thing of the past…someday…someday.

  7. This story tore my guts out! Every paragraph made me cringe with an empathy I did not want because it was too unbearable. I have no words, nothing I can say, that can approach the reality of this awful experience. So much easier to be bleeding from an artery for all to see and be concerned. But when the artery bleeding is that of a young girl’s living nightmares and the justifiable anger and torment of her mother, people don’t see, don’t appreciate the visceral pain, the years of rehabilitation if there is such a thing as complete recovery.

    Thank you so much for writing this. I could comment on what a wonderful writer you are, but I think in this case, it poured out of your heart and could be nothing but powerfully written as if you were channeling your daughter’s pain as well as your own.

    Peace to you and your daughter. I hope eventually it does come.


  8. OMG, it’s raw, in your face, and lets those who have been through it know that they shouldn’t be ashamed to say it out loud. It has a NAME. Yet you’ve also pointed out that even though there’s a certain amount of awareness out there, we have a long way to go in supporting the victims of sexual violence. I felt your anger, your pain, your frustration. Well DONE.

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