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Through a Mother’s Eyes: Bullies are gender neutral — 2 Comments

  1. This is a very upsetting story. I totally feel your anger and frustration and I see myself in you – any mother would – like a mother bear instinctively needing to protect her young but held back and prevented from doing so. I am enraged just reading about it.

    There is an desperate need for solid interventions and policies to effectively prevent and resolve these horrific situations. There must be zero tolerance for this kind of predatory bullying behaviour. Some school boards and communities have implemented them.

    I am so glad to hear that Julie is ok now and I wish her a successful, happy life.

  2. Shelly you really hit the nail on the head that it is the parents that need to take responsibility. My daughter was also tormented (not beaten, thankfully) and it was by a family member. That made it even harder to deal with, but she finally outgrew it.

    I am so sorry that your daughter had to go through so much. Thank goodness you and your husband were there for her. What a shame that these young children don’t have better guidance, and I think that they should be held accountable. Good article.

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