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Time to Say Goodbye — 8 Comments

  1. Wish y’all didn’t have to go.Ive never had a a facesnoop page
    so i don’t know what happened but I will miss WorldWide Hippies
    I hope you resurrect and skip facesnoop. We need the info
    shared here now more than ever.Fare the well love n peace

  2. I’m very sad that it’s come to this — not the decision to end the publication but the hacking and that the camaraderie that was so much a hallmark has become so adulterated.

    I regret that life got in the way of my writing for WWH — it was a very important time for me, and the other staffers who became Facebook friends — Joe, Diana, Sherry, Bill, Emma and others — remain core to the quality of my FB experience (thank goodness!!).

    Thanks for hanging in there for as long as you did!

  3. Sherry it’s Hippy! I just want to tell you that we all love you, and
    your work. I am glad to have you as a personal friend. On a professional level, I love your writings and point of view. I’m sure
    I speak for all of us when I say that we look forward to your next
    projects and hope you’ll keep us all posted. Love you lots.

  4. I will miss your writes Sherry cause ya kept it real, natural and neutral and ya never went for the salt or sugar to add drama.. Ya just kept it true.Most of all I can say without a doubt, yes this was /is and will always be Joe’s baby this I know he will continue to find a way to rebuild…Hes done it before… I was here when it was just Dre and Joe.What a Motley faithful crew we were! Dre would spend hours cleaning up my run on sentences, shortening, shortening..till my content was poof I felt gone., Joe would spend hours fighting to keep my lines in my writes 🙂 We were young and had a passion…I was so happy when you and Diana and so many Hippie Women, Glenn from over the Pond, Bill, on and on Sylvia and so many joined to write, share hobbies, add video content, and art. We truly became brothers and sisters, for thsi I am forever grateful I met Joe.You remained the most faithful to the grunt work of writing even when everything in the news was cruddy, to continue to write true news, you encouraged us to question everything we saw and in the end follow our gut, so Im gonna follow my gut refusing to say goodbye cause I know darn well Joe and all who care too will continue on renewed in some form or another to keep up the howl- the love, the truth, the sirit remains
    Thank you to you and all, love to all Maria

  5. That is incredible. I tip my hat to you and what you have achieved. I love your honesty. To the Facebook admins, I also manage large pages and I can really relate. You do a great ( and as noted, thankless )job. Peace to you all and good luck!

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