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When Sisters Turn on Each Other — 20 Comments

  1. She read the article and coming back with a vengeance….please be kind, she is merely finding her way.. whatever it takes..we are here for her.

  2. Thank you all for your kind comments. Someday we really are going to make the world a better place for women an children and we can only do that if we stick together and keep helping and reaching out to one another.

  3. Dearest Diana,

    I thank from the bottom of my heart
    for writing this article. It helps so much.
    I appreciate the story of Ms. Torres , it
    is always helpful to realize you are not alone
    and someone cares. Your article is so
    important to me , and others like me.
    What you have done to speak up and
    to stand up means more than I can express.

    Sincerely, kara lin

  4. Diana, you are the angel of the day. How loving of you to see, or even hypothesize, the deeper source of the harsh attack of Rosa. As sad and deep as the roots may be it was an unprovoked and ruthless verbal surprise assault on an unsuspecting survivor. That’s not okay to hopefully most of us.

    Like you had commented on Ms. Holzinger’s blog, I also find Rosa refreshing in her honesty. By the time anyone accuses her of misdeeds she can quickly assure – “It’s in the book.” How many victims recognize or admit their own failings or how they were reduced to using violence themselves as the abuse continues? It’s easy to say what others have done to us. It is much more courageous to admit before strangers our own regrettable participation. Many of us were were pulled down before we rose up. Rosa takes the shame out of that by admitting and regretting those dark times.

    I thought the observations you made of Rosa searching – possibly without realizing it at the time – over the dynamics of her own early life for what brought her to where she found herself – were insightful.

    I read the “About” section of WWH and you are the quintessential writer for this website: “…The purpose of the site … we are you and I together ~The People~ Who seek Peace, Justice, Love, Harmony – Promote Basic Human Rights and Positive Change in the world!…”

  5. Thanks Paula. And by the way if you ever want a spot on worldwide Hippies/Citizen Journalist Exchange, let me know. I am always looking for writers with a niche and writers who are advocates for women.

  6. I too have written a blog based on Rosaura’s book, unlike the writer you mention here, I actually read the book before putting words on the computer. I spoke Rosa, asked her any questions I had so that a year from now I would not be in the position to be writing how stupid I was for not doing my research before taking on an issue.

    I too was told by the “writer” that she has done this for 9 years and I only did it for a month. Well I have to say proudly that my blog on Violence Against Women was not a tirade on getting police officers fired or an overview of unsolved crimes in a city I don;t even reside in.

    My blog while it was early days for me as a writer, was done with integrity, never naming any person who has never been charged or convicted of a crime. I told several stories of real abuse against women all over the country, including but not exclusively about Rosa.

    It continues to amaze me that the word blogger somehow gives certain people the right to make things up and insinuate they have done their homework when they have not.

    Your article is very good and you are very perceptive as to why some people should stick to letters to the editor and refrain from reporting “fiction” as “fact”. Don;t publicize a book for a year you have never read.

    Don’t put pictures of people on your blog who have never been charged with a crime.

    Rosa is a strong woman trying to help others through her experience. Others have used her to continue their own vendetta against law enforcement. I continue to tell Rosa if her abuser had been an electrician, the writer who spent so much time on her would never have written word one.

  7. I am so deeply touched by the strength and support of for this story. Once again, women (most) are ready and willing to wrap their arms around one another. We are making a difference and working toward changing things.

  8. All I could say is Wow! At first listening to that journalist that was right out attacking Rosa, I was in shock. How could this woman be so heartless and cold? Basically like you said, re-victimizing Rosa all over again. It was unbelievable the things she was saying, especially being a woman herself, you would have thought she was a man writing the story and his opinion because some men (and I did want to say most men there but decided against it), but some men do not and could not sympathize with a woman pain and I have read many stories that men have wrote and they have torn a woman and her story to pieces, mainly because of ignorance or just to be maleficent towards the woman because of some underline mommy issue he is having, so therefore is a woman hater who has no sympathy for or thinks they got what they deserved.
    That woman was portraying herself as a man and his same ridiculous, unknowing attitude, but thats the thing with her, she does know. She knows how it feels to be a victim and o live through the horror she has had since a child and I can’t believe she would cause pain to others in order to heal herself. Which she is nowhere near to actually trying to find closure or to even start the mending process.

    I do praise Rosa for sharing her story. I know it took so much strength to let go of the pain and let it out for the world to hear. And I know she was not doing it for attention or money, she was doing it for herself to start getting stronger and to let go of the secrets that haunt her. She probably had no idea how much her story would touch people, empower women but its purpose was to empower herself. I do understand her story cause I too have lived through physical, emotional and sexual abuse since childhood, and now I’m a mother of 3 and everyday I make a conscious effort to not become like my mother. I did in one aspect become her is I too am a addict and have been since a child. Now a recovering addict and never again will I go back or ever put my kids through my life. Drugs were my way to bury and hide the pain and secrets I carried. I have never put my hands on my kids and like I said it is in my mind everyday. Just like you had stated about research, that how likely that someone who has lived through abuse, become abusers themselves. And so I have never put my hands on my kids in fear that I would become her. Plus I do not drink alcohol, (in my opinion one of the worst drugs out there) and I do have a counselor. One thing that I have done was write since I was a child, since I had no one I could talk to, my notebook was my best friend. I would just let it all out on those pages and still to this day have those notebooks and I continue to write. I couldn’t imagine putting all that out to the public so Rosa is a hero to so many women that need help and are to scared or they need to heal and not feel alone. I hope one day and I hope it soon that the journalist gets the help she needs to heal and I really wish she would see what she is doing is wrong and she is now the abuser. Thank you for sharing this story it is amazing and hope the best for everyone. Also I’m sorry for the book I just wrote, I don’t usually do that but this story touched me.

    • I loved your book….Please realize that by sharing your story will help, not might help…will help…Your voice, will help bring ACCOUNTABILITY for all Survivors and Victims of Domestic Violence…Together we stand strong…God bless you my sister/warrior….Much respect.

  9. Diana,

    Thank you for standing up for Rosa. I think it is horrible the way she was treated on LIPnews blog. I admire you for feeling compassion for the blogger who attacked Rosa. I won’t call her a journalist because she has no clue what a real journalist does. She obviously has a lot of growth and healing to do to get past being such a hateful person. I agree with all that you have written. She low self-esteem and makes herself feel better by attacking others. It is best to turn away from such negativity. Thanks for standing up for women.

  10. Rosa, I applaud you and the courage it took for you to write this book. You are helping women and sharing your courage. Walk tall, sister. Walk tall.

  11. Diana…..Thank you for all your support for me and others…..I pray that one day she will find that peace within herself. Diana, you are a true warrior.

    Much blessing to you always,

    Warmly and with much respect,


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