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  1. Oh more glorification of the burn-out drop-out delusional type hippie. The people described in these stories seem so pathetic. They self-delude themselves in myriad of ways to justify their lifestyle to themselves and others. How about going to Oregon and looking up the hippies who really ARE living sustainably and devoting their lives to making a better world? Who, if they smke pot at all, do very infrequently. Many go to church every Sunday. They own houses and have steady jobs, typically not for corporations but for nonprofits or community-serving businesses. But they are still crazy hippies. Real hippies in the best tradition. Hippies who are not dropping out, but are working with kids, homeless, learning and teaching skills and raising the consciousness of the mainstream, building community in myriad of ways. And not just “their” community. They push back against bigotry and fear by embracing all.

    Yes, the hippies in these articles sound like bigots (like I said before, I’ve lived with them). Tribal, consciously making themselves “the other,” having a coded language which functions to identify outsiders and create separation from those who do not think like they do, creating stories to tell themselves how they are oppressed, enlightened, and to give excuse for living off the greater society so they can be lazy and high and smelly.

    I like your web site and articles, but I don’t get the glorification of what is now best represented by The Rainbow Family.

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