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Why Do Hippies Still Exist in America? I really Love this Blog! — 21 Comments

  1. They still exist because they are needed. They still exist because there is still war, injustice, racism and destructive materialism in the world. They still exist to remind the fake “christians” of what they are supposed to be: people who love one another, and value the well-being of their fellow humans over gold and diamonds. Remember that Jesus guy in your Bible? Who did he rail against the most? Hypocrites! Religious hypocrites, who proclaimed how good and pure they were, but refused to help the poor, and advocated harsh punishments for every vice, however minor. It’s a message that still resonates today, if you can only hear it.

  2. “They constantly cruise the internet looking for fluid-drenched intergeneration erotic encounters with innocent overweight housewives in disused graveyards. Simply put, they will take any opportunity to inject their hippy semen into our jiggly bellies of wholesomeness.”


  3. You know nothing about hippies or how unkind “practising Christians” can be. Hippies were not truly about moral laxity. They were protesting the way the world was – and to a great extent still is. True hippies are anti-establishment but very pro-humanitarian actions.

  4. 40 years later, hippies’ grandkids are still proudly wearing Led Zeppelin T-shirts… sad that your grandkids will be the only losers wearing Toby Keith T-shirts… may their friends have as good a laugh on them as most of us are having on this steaming puddle of offal and you…

  5. Who is the idiot who wrote that piece? I was already over the hill when I moved to the Haight-Ashbury in 1967, and yes, hard drugs were already tainting what had only recently been the Summer of Love, but the change in values from the vacuous, hideous, phony, semi-fascist fifties was refreshing and much-needed. That Christmas was my loneliest ever, so I went for a walk on the Haight, and along came a beautiful dancing young woman carrying an armful of flowers, With a hearty “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” she handed me a flower, and I stood there momentarily stunned and with what I’m sure was a silly smile on my face. Yes, there was a dark side too, but the changed values are still part of, perhaps the most valuable and needed part of our national life. What I find most amazing is that we have had generation after generation of young hippies. Much of our consciousness today was born in the playfulness and the struggles for civil rights and an end to the immoral Vietnam War. When Nixon ordered the evacuation of our troops from Vietnam he conceded that the massive protests had forced his hand.

  6. What an assfuckface. You should come to my college. Green Mountain College. It’s full of ’em. And we’ll lynch ya! Peace

  7. And Before I Forget, Please be sure To Tose ALL INCUMBENTS Out On Their Ear and Give another Citizen a Chance to Run Things…
    Demand Instant Recalls and Term Limits NOW!
    Just Because You Think Your Rep is GREAT, Don’t Be Fooled… Money Corrupts and Big Money Corrupts Bigger!

  8. And By The Way, Contrary To This Authors assertion that Hippy’s are LAZY, I work in the construction trade in Temperatures Will Over 100 Degrees on a GOOD Day and I Barely Break 100 Dollars Per Day… And I LOVE what I Do… Hows That For Lazy… Not To Mention Working In My Garden From The Time I Get Home in the Evening Until Usually Way After Dark! Someboy Bust Up… I Need a Break!

  9. I am An Old Hippy and I can Tell You That Old Hippy’s NEVER DIE… They Just Smell That way! It is Because Of Their GREAT SPIRITS and Rebellious Natures… Or More Likely, It’s Probably Just Pot Breath…
    ALL Hippy’s Alert::: Watch This Life Changing Movie NOW!
    And DON’T Keep It To Yourself, Pass It Around…

  10. Most hippies aren’t the doped out overgrown adolescents they are portrayed to be by the WASP majority of the media. There are many different levels of hippie. Many are integrated into today’s pluralistic society and not beyond the edge of the fringe. Most I’ve seen have never even touched a cigarette as far as I can tell. I my self consider my self to be a mixture of Hippie and Yipie though I maintain moderate integration into mainstream society, and I have never used drugs or smoked tobacco.

  11. White collar conservative flashing down the street
    he’s pointing his plastic finger at me
    he wishes my kind would drop and die
    but I’m gonna wave my freak flag high… high!

    -Jimi Hendrix “If 6 was 9”

  12. The author must have just seen the movie, “Reefer Madness.” Or are they an evangelist, or a corporatist. Bet the author hasn’t had as much fun as I’ve had. Too bad, they and the world would be a lot happier. Peace and Love.

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