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  1. Sherry, once again you speak for me and you do it so wonderfully. I am also Italian and raised very Catholic, though like you, I do not claim to follow any religion. Just to say I was open-minded, I forced myself to watch the New Hampshire debates. I was appalled that Santorum had gained so much ground in Iowa, and more appalled when I listened to him at the debate. He is downright scary! They all are. The least scary is Huntsman, the poorest of the bunch worth a mere $70 million. But Rick takes the cake… or rather the wafer. Hopefully people will read and re-read your article, print it out, pass it around and persuade those who wish to practice a different faith in peace, to keep our country secular and definitely separate from ANY god! Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for the informative post Sherry. I live in Iowa, and don’t give a damn about all of the hoopla that surrounds the caucuses, while i do care about who will be the next President.

    I knew Santorum was a radical, in fact there is that website dedicated to him which plays off of some comment he made in reference to homosexuals, and the reference is how i feel about him LOL

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  4. “…make others adhere to the tenants of that faith…”

    Eggcorn of the day award: Is that faith occupied? Is rent being paid? It’s “tenets”, not “tenants”.

    More Christians have been killed for religious reasons by other Christians than by all non-Christians combined.

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