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You Didn’t Think That Was A Little Strange? — 6 Comments

  1. Wow! And here I was thinking no one read my articles. 🙂

    There are many definitions of bullying but the common theme is aggressive behavior that is intentional, hurtful, (physical and psychological), and/or threatening. It doesn’t go away, it’s persistent and repeated. Kids are bullied for being different.

    Yes, the women have asked for privacy because reporters have been camped out near their homes and everyone is hoping to catch a glimpse of them. I’m not one of them.

    Karen, you’re right, we do want to know how the women are doing because we care.

    Diana, it’s a shame you have such a such a negative attitude towards Clevelanders. Yes, that moron Sowell did kill a lot of women. However, because of that, the police dept will be re-vamping their missing persons ‘dept’.

    We all seem to be so into what’s on our internet screens, that we forget about the people around us. Anyway, Thank you all for taking the time to read, and comment, on my article! 🙂 Have a GREAT day!

  2. Yes, I’m sure people did find things a little strange. But a lot of people who do strange things do not kidnap, rape, or hold hostage innocent girls. I had not heard about the domestic violence allegations.

  3. Karen, yes, people want to know how these women are, but this article doesn’t tell us that.
    I agree, Angelina Jolie has the money for the preventative measures she took. Wish it was available for all women at risk. But, with that said, she did what she felt was best for her and her family. I commend her bravery.

  4. the media is giving this a rest, however people want to know how these women are doing. myself Included. as far as the bullying goes, kids are bullied because other kids think they are strange and don’t want them to fit in, bullies grow up to be larger bullies, only far worse , aka castro. the sick basturd. as far as Angelina jolie goes, I think she jumped the gun . she has the financial means and money for the preventative procedure she underwent. this did not become public till her and brad decided to make it public, otherwise we wouldn’t have been the wiser.

  5. P.S. and Clevelanders are no better…what about the guy that kidnapped, raped, killed and buried all those woman? Oh yeah, they were black. Cleveland is no better than anywhere else.

  6. This is redundant and the survivors asked for privacy and for the media to die down. Give it a rest.

    Direct quote from this article: Kids are bullied because they don’t fit in or are strange. Yet, no one talked about their peculiar neighbor. I’m still shaking my head because we Clevelanders are better than that.

    Kids are NOT bullied for this reason. Kids are bullied because of bullies.Kids are NOT bullied because they are strange. Did you seriously say this?

    And what does this have to do with Angelina Jolie? She had an 87% chance of getting breast cancer.

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